☆REVIEW☆ Etude House Shini Star BB Cream

This time I will review about my "so-old" BB Cream, because I left the post on my draft casually, haha.. So let's begin^^

This is Etude House Shini Star BB Cream. I bought it a long long time ago,haha it's so old ya^^;
I'm sorry because I review it right now, but I like this BB cream so much as well as Etude House BB Cream Bright Fit and also it's affordable. I forgot how much I bought it :p

It comes with a simply soft blue sky (If I'm not mistaken) packaging, it's really simple. The pump also nice to be pressed, so you don't need to worry if you pressed it so much. It comes with one shade I think. It blends so well on my skin.

Rating : ❀❀❀❀ (4/5)

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FOTD : Miss A "Jia" HUSH Inspired Make Up

Welcome to December^^
Hope it's gonna be a nice month for me and you always~
Today I'm back wih my FOTD, that is inspired from Miss A "Jia" HUSH

I always love to wear a red lipstick, because it's a easy way to get a mature look~ Lately I'm in love with red lipstick. For a smokey eyes, I think it didn't show up on my photo, maybe because of the
Product that I used :
Face :
♥Etude House : Shini Star Clear BB Lotion
♥Etude House : Nymph Aura Volumer #1 Pure Nymph Aura

Eyes :
♥Schon Softlens
♥Etude House : Drawing Show Creamy Liner BK802
♥Etude House : Color My Brows #Dark Brown
♥Revlon Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Ombre A Paupieres #Coffee Bean

Lips :
♥Tony Moly : Lip Tint #1 Cherry Pink
♥NYX Round Lipstick #Gem

I really appreciate your comment about my makeup^^

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Sakuranko : SammyDress Christmas Giveaway

Let's join Sakuranko's Giveaway from SammyDress.com~

The prize is for one winner, the winner has to choose one of Sakuranko's fashion wishlist on the picture above~ Such a cute fashion^^

☆REVIEW☆ Holika Holika Heartful Glossy Lipstick

Welcome December!
Hope it's gonna be a nice month for me and you^^
Today I'll review about my new lipstick from Holika Holika
This is the first thing that I bought from Holika Holika~

I still want a nude color for my lipstick lately, I don't know the reason, but still nude color is so natural for me^^

From the first sight, I felt in love with this color~ also the shape is so cute, it's a heart shape.. Just for an information that heart shape rarely to use for lipstick's shape, just a round or an oval shape.

There are six color on this lipstick:


No.01: Honey Beige
No.02: Humming Pink
No.03: Blushing Peach
No.04: Pink Bonbon
No.05: Forever Choral

No.06: Coco Red
Mine is 01 Honey Beige~

Now, let's move to my opinion^^

Packaging : It comes with silver and purple font (simply) also a heart shape lipstick, so unique~

Texture : Smooth~ matte finish on my lips

Color : So natural on my lips, looks like didn't use lipstick on my lips^^

Ratings : ❀❀❀❀ (4/5)

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Sakuranko's Giveaway Maras 32 Color Cream Eyeshadow Pallete

Today I joined again Sakuranko's giveaway~ There is color cream eyeshadow pallete^^
Whoaaa I really want this because I never had eyeshadow pallete :)
Wish me luck...

Sakuranko : Giveaway 2 KPOP Bracelet 2NE1 + JYJ

I just joined Sakuranko's giveaway, there are two KPOP bracelets, such as 2NE1 and JYJ~
If you are fans of them, you should joined^^
Good luck for you and me :)

Emily's 150+ Followers Giveaway

Today I just joined giveaway from my friend, Emily Marsia~
The giveaway is Etude House Pink Play Party Mask Set^^


Today I'll review about NYX~

Did you know?I got this lipstick for FREE~ because I can answer a mini quiz when I attended Beauty Carnaval : NYX and The Mortal Instruments at Mall Taman Anggrek. NYX had announced their new products, inspired by City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments.

I'm so happy that I got a lipstick, although they had nice giveaway if you answered it correct on other questions,but sadly I can't *pats

Okay, now let's talk about the topic~

NYX Round Lipstick is smooth and moisture with every application! With 144 shades available, NYX round lipstick is is a velvet-textured lip cream that covers the lips with rich color that smoothes and moistures lips with each application. NYX Round Lipstick is NYX's best selling lipstick and one ifs topsellers.

I got mine LSS 631 GEM~

I have made a comparison between Lioele and this NYX. As you can see the picture on the right, the color of NYX so much bright, a glittery-look and more dynamic than Lioele's lipstick.

My opinion:
Packaging : It comes with simply black, nothing so much special
Texture : Good~
Color : It really vivid, showing the true color

How much the price?
I got it for FREE so I didn't know exactly, perhaps around IDR 50-60.000 I think...

Ratings : ❀❀❀❀ (4/5)

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FOTD : Halloween~

Today I'll post about my makeup on Halloween~
It's too late, I'm sorry :(

I made two version, first, with a blonde hair~
Looks scary enough, wasn't it? haha..
Actually I want to made a Jane Volturi's Makeup but I failed T.T

So, I tried again with short-dark brown hair~
Did I close enough to a vampire girl?
It's my creation for a vampire girl, looks mysterious with black outfit^^

Okay..So can you tell me, which one that suits me best?
Blonde hair or dark brown hair?

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☆1st Make Up Challenge☆ : Theme Kpop Idol from Yevi Ng

I just joined make up challenge from Yevi Ng
Theme is Kpop Idol (oh yeah, I'm in love with Kpop)
After searched for a long time, I decided to make up inspired by Je A [Brown Eyed Girls] on Cleansing Cream Photoshoot~

I tried my best to look like her.. That's my Kpop Idol's make up..
How about you?
Don't forget to join it^^

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☆REVIEW☆ HADA LABO's Travel Size

Today I'll review about Hadalabo's products~

I decided to bought it on travel size (luckily they had produce it). My first impression was I have a high expectation of it, because I always love Japan's product. It's truth that I was late to review about this one, but still I really want to review it^^

Okay, let's started minna-san~

On travel size, they contains of:
☆Hadalabo Retinol Lifting and Firming Lotion
☆Hadalabo Retinol Lifting and Firming Milk
☆AHA+BHA Face Wash

I'll introduce them to you one by one... (Information source by www.hadalabo.com )

Hadalabo Retinol Lifting and Firming Lotion

☆Instantly replenish moisture to hydrate skin from within. ☆Significantly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin feeling soft, supple and revitalized.
☆Regular use improves elasticity, radiance and a more youthful appearance to the skin. Prepares the skin to fully receive the benefits of other Retinol products.
☆Skin pH balanced. Low irritation.
☆Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorant.

Use twice a day after cleansing face. Apply on palms and gently pat onto skin until thoroughly absorbed.

 Hadalabo Retinol Lifting and Firming Milk

☆Light velvety milk deeply nourishes the skin to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
☆Smoothes surface. Replenishes moisture. Skin feels firmer, denser and intensely revitalized day after day.
☆Skin pH balanced. Low irritation.
☆Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant.

Use twice a day after applying lotion/essence. Apply on palms and gently pat onto skin until thoroughly absorbed.

 AHA+BHA Face Wash

☆Gently exfoliates skin to remove impurities, dirt & oil trapped within pores.
☆Polishes away dullness & refine skin texture for visibly clear, smooth & radiant skin.
☆Skin pH balanced. Low irritation.
☆Free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol & colorant.
☆This product should be used with a sunscreen product.

Use twice a day. Squeeze sufficient amount onto your palm. Lather with water and massage onto face, using gentle circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


Now, it's my opinion :

Packaging :
It's more than enough, it came with simply packaging and easy to carry

Texture :
It has smooth texture for all of them, easy to apply


Size :
I always love travel size, so it's works for me

Feeling :
I thought it has not really nice smell, they should has a refreshing smell for refresh your face

Effect :
Not really know exactly..haha :p

How much the price?
Honestly, I forgot but it's around IDR 50.000 I think~

Ratings : ❀❀❀❀ (4/5)

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☆REVIEW☆ INISFREE Super Jeju Volcanic Mask

Today I'll review about Super Jeju Volcanic Mask from Inisfree~
Let's begin....

Long time I want to try this one, becaause many bloggers said that it was really good (y)

So I deciced to bought it on sample..

Texture : When apply on your face area, it's just like you put a clay on your face (bwahaha...) but in a few minutes, it became more solid than before..

Smell : Not really good I think

The picture below you can see that I just put the mask on my nose and chin area.. because I only have big pores on that area..

Effect : After you used them, your face become more smoothier. On my face, you can see my nose still has black pores eventhough not too many.

Loves :
♥ Affordable
♥ Makes my face smoothier

Hates :
☠ The results isn't work for me >.<

Ratings : ❀❀❀ (3/5)

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Today I'll review about my eye cream! Finally got my eye cream , after so long time searching it~

Yeah, my first eye cream ever~ actually I wanna buy an eye cream from Etude House, I had already tell my friend to bought it for me when she went to Korea, but she forgot T.T So I decided to buy an eye cream's sample. I chose it from Sulwhasoo^^

Product description:
A brigthening eye treatment formulated with traditional Korean herbs that soothes and brightens the tired eye area. Applies smoothly and gently for instant brightness, while Baikal Skullcap extract gives radiance around the eye area. The use of cooling metal-tip-applicator helps to reduce the visible signs of fatique around the eye area, promoting microsirculation for enchanced vitality.

How to use:
Use every morning and evening after applying Snowise EX Whitening Whitening Fluid. Release a certain amount onto your fingertips and gently spread around your eyes. Use the cooling metal-tip-applicator to massage the eye area and promote circulation.

My opinion:
For the texture, it has a creamy content, the smells is a quite good, smoothly when applies on the eye area. I have been used for 2 weeks and I felt my eyes area become brightens and smoothly^^

♥ Nice texture

♥ Brigthens and smoothly results

☠ Quite expensive

Rating:❀❀❀❀ (4/5)

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FOTD : Sweet Chocolate

Today I'll post of my face of the day, the theme is Sweet Chocolate~

This photo was taken from attended my senior's wedding party, I came with my friend, she invited me to went along with her, thanks to Jeanny^^

Me with Jeanny (my friend)
She's beautifull,isn't she?

Yeah, I came away with black lace dress (so much in love with it) and wavy hair (love this one too)~

For the make up, I did it myself.

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Today I'll review about my first product from LANEIGE~

I adore LANEIGE so much, even since I watched Korean drama " That Winter, The Wind Blows", there is Song Hye Gyo, an ambrrassador from LANEIGE, I felt in love with LANEIGE, the products actually so gorgeous, my wishlist is to have LANEIGE Silk Intense Lipstick~ the one lipstick that Song Hye Gyo used on that drama.

I heard from many beauty bloggers that this products is so damn good. I want to buy the real size, but I want to try it so I bought the sample size. 

Of course the results was amazing~ My face looks brighter and healthy~

♥ Makes my face brighter
♥ Nice smell, feels so refreshed~
♥ The texture was smooth

☠ Pricey for the real size

[Tips] : You can keep this sleeping pack on the refrigerator so when you swatches on your face, cooling sensation touch your skin^^

Ratings : ❀❀❀❀ (5/5)

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☆REVIEW☆ The Skin Food Aloe BB Cream

Today I will review about BB cream again,haha.. Hope you didn't boring about my review~
This is The Skin Food Aloe BB Cream..

I know this BB cream when I took a walk with my friends at the mall. She visited Skin Food's shop and tried their products, she interested with Aloe BB Cream. She said that this BB cream was the only one she looking for. She used Skin Food's product before, but gonna change the BB cream one.

So I decided to bought a sample of this BB cream. Then, I tried it and it looks good. I used it for 4 days, but the trouble was occured.. The acnes on my left cheek appeared (oh no!). I didn't know if this BB cream made my acnes on my face or not. Did you have a same problem with me?tell me if you can~

So far, I still love it~ It has a nice aloe vera's smell, makes you feel relaxed, but it's quite strong I think. This BB cream also blends well on my face.

Then, I make a comparison between Garnier BB Cream and Skin Food Aloe BB Cream for oily test. You can see after 1,5 hours The Skin Food Aloe BB cream has an oil around the swatches. Suprisingly, It didn't make my face looks oily.

♥ Nice smell
♥ Nice enough coverage
♥ Blends well on my skin

☠  Err.. Make acnes on my face

Rating:  ❀❀❀❀ (4/5)

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Today I'll joined IBB MUC : Pop Your Kpop~

My make up theme is inspired from Sulli F(X)~ I adore Sulli very much, because of her personality, natural beauty and makeup style..
This is my Kpop look~

Products that I used :

 Face :
♥Skin Food Aloe Vera BB Cream
♥Etude House : Nymph Aura Volumer #1 Pure Nymph Aura
♥Etude House : Lovely Cookie Blusher #1 Strawberry Mousse
♥Etude House : Aloha V-Line Slim Maker #01 Sun Gold/Wood Brown

Eyes :
♥Miomi Black Lace Circle Lens
♥Etude House : Drawing Show Creamy Liner BK802
♥Etude House : Color My Brows #Dark Brown

♥PIXY Colors Of Delight Eyeshadow Alluring Garden 03


♥ Lioele Dollish Lipstick #07 Elegance Rose
♥ TFS Lovely Me:Ex Lip tint "Pink"

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Do you know about COW STYLE,anyone?

COW BRAND is a long seller brand in Japan with a history of over 100 years. COW STYLE signifies daily life with peace of mind through Cow Brand products with the catch phrase "Life with Cow Brand Soap", and provides a lifestyle based on Japan quality (ease, safety, good quality) and Japan taste (material, scent, texture).  
(source : http://www.cow-style.co.id/en/about )

2 weeks ago I got a packaging from COW STYLE. They kindly sent me COW STYLE products for a review purpose.  

Let's started!

What I got are SkinLIFE Foaming Facial Wash and SkinLIFE Face Lotion~

Why using this products?
Moisture-rich soap that preserves skin moisture by dense and gentle lather.

  • Provide the skin clean, soft and moist, improve skin texture for the better and make pores look smaller and thus free from acne
  • Raise the dead skin around the pores which are the cause of sebum and make skin brighter
  • Oil free Allergy tested*
    *Though we completed non comedogenic test and allergy test, some people still have a chance to get acne and allergy problems.
 How to use :

Okay, next step is my opinion~☆

SkinLIFE Foaming Facial Wash -- The packaging is different with others, it has a pump~
SkinLIFE Facial Lotion -- The packaging is average, just like another facial lotion. 
Their packaging has a red and white color, just like Japan's flag.

 SkinLIFE Foaming Facial Wash -- The texture is very smooth, feels different with anykind of facial foam.
 SkinLIFE Facial Lotion -- The texture was watery~ Love this when I swatched on my face^^

SkinLIFE Foaming Facial Wash -- The size is a little big, 200ml. I think it would be better if they have a smaller version than this one.
SkinLIFE Facial Lotion -- The size is average, just like another facial lotion. It's easy to carry.

Their have a nice smell, something that relaxed your mind.

Hmm I don't know really much but after I used them for 2 weeks, I feel my face become brightner and smooth. But sometimes I feel my skin are dry~

How much the price?
SkinLIFE Foaming Facial Wash 200 ml IDR 58.000
SkinLIFE Facial Lotion 150 ml IDR 50.000

Where to buy?
You can get this products on this outlet : Guardian, GrandLucky, PAPAYA, Yogya

For more information:
Please kindly visit their website : http://www.cow-style.co.id/en/product/skin_life

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