Today I will review about very affordable BB cream, there is Garnier BB Cream ≧◡≦

First of all, I'm interested with this BB cream because I read many good reviews and the "affordable" one. You can get it only IDR 16.500 (for promotion price).Then I tried it and it really works on my face. It feels like I didn't wear a BB cream, just like only a moisturizer. 

Although it 's match on combination skin especially oily-combination, because of the oil control is so damn good. I have compared this BB cream with my daily BB cream, Shiny Star BB Cream from ETUDE HOUSE.

You can see on the picture above, it's a bit darker when I swatched this BB cream on my hand, but in a few minutes, it's blended well with my skin.

♥ Oil control is good~
♥ Nice smell

☠ The coverage isn't enough to cover the acne's scar
☠ Not long lasting for me

Rating : ❀❀❀❀ (4/5)

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Today I'll post about make up challenge~

At first, I told my friend to become a model for me, she said yes~ So we started to make up~ Oh,I haven't introduce her to you, her name is Farah, she is a moeslem. My friend, Daria, helped me to create a modern hijab (because I don't know how to create it~)

Here's the result :

We pick a yellow and orange one because we think that colors refers to "fresh" and something colorful~ As for the eyeshadow, I pick a green and orange one (yaa it's not showing enough on the photos, but I really loves natural make up,so I don't think about it to much :p)

Product are used:
❀Maybelline Clear Smooth
❀Maybelline Crayon Liner Eye Pencil Brown
❀Pixy Eyeshadow Alluring Garden
❀Wardah Lipstick Matte
❀LT Pro Blusher
❀Viva Eyebrow Pencil

That's all.. 
Thanks for Farah and Daria who helped me to joined this challenge~

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☆REVIEW☆ Trial Kit SK-II

Today I will review about my journey to get this FREE Trial Kit from SK-II..
First of all, I started today with my activities around Jakarta Selatan for my job. Then, I have finished around at 1 P.M and get rushed to Taman Anggrek Mall. I have lunched with my friends in there, bought some nail polish (wanna create a nail art for my friend..improving my skill..yeah~) and lastly, I want to get free trial kit from SK-II, it contains a Facial Treatment Essence and a Facial Treatment Clear Lotion. I get free skin check too (wow~)..hehe..

Okay,now let's talk about SK-II first.. 

I get this description from the website:
Facial Treatment Essence:
❀ A refreshing essence that moisturizes the skin and maintains a healthy balance of sebum and water to promote the renewal process in skin cells.
❀ Facial Treatment Essence is enriched with over 90 percent Pitera, the main ingredient used to enhance the skin's renewal process, and other ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids to promote a healthy renewal cycle of skin cells. With daily application, this essence moisturizes to improve texture and clarity for a more beautiful, glowing complexion by bringing harmony and balance to the skin.
How to use : (suggested used)
-Sprinkle a teaspoon amount into the palms of the hands.
-Press into the skin gently, making sure the essence is being soaked all over the face and neck.
-Use twice daily.
-Use Facial Treatment Clear Lotion in adjacent to Facial Treatment Essence for even better results.

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion:
 ❀ A creamy face lotion that conditions and purifies the skin.
❀ This clear skin-refining facial lotion acts as a toner, without the use of alcohol, to condition and purify the skin. Infused with hydroxy-acids, soothing moisturizers, and Pitera, it is the final step in perfecting your purifying ritual.
How to use: (suggested used)
-Soak a cotton ball with lotion.
-Sweep across face and neck paying special attention to the sides of nose and mouth.
-Use twice daily after cleansing and before renewing.

Now, here's my opinion~

♥ It really makes my skin more glowing, tightening, smooth texture
♥ Nice smell
♥ Feels like soo fresh in my face

Err.. Not affordable I guess.. It's a pricey~

Rating:  ❀❀❀❀❀ (5/5)

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Today I will review about my skin care, I tried ETUDE HOUSE : SKIN MALGEM TRIAL KIT

I got it from a goodie bag from Etude House Beauty Carnaval, it was held in Jakarta. Then, I tried this skin care, absolulety love it. It makes my skin smooth, glowing and fresh. I want to repurchase again~

A few weeks ago, I got free skin check, the results was I have a dry skin on my face and big pores on my nose area and chin area. I never thought that I would have a skin type like that, just think my skin is normal almost the time >.<

Okay,back to the topic! For your skin care routine, it is the best to use the toner after washing your face. This toner also removes dead particle and bacterias as it is an exfoliation toner, so this one will brightens up your complexion if you use it daily. Your face will feel very fresh, light, clean and moisturised~ Next, Skin Malgem Deep Moist is basically a moisturizer for very dry skin. Use this after you apply the toner and it gives your skin a healthy glow. It will not clog pores since it is water-based. It is really thin so you won't feel anything so heavy and dense covering your skin in the morning. 

Loves :
♥ Makes my skin fresh and healthy glow
♥ Nice smell

Hates :
☠ Not any

Rating :  ❀❀❀❀❀ (5/5)

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