Today I'll post about make up challenge~

At first, I told my friend to become a model for me, she said yes~ So we started to make up~ Oh,I haven't introduce her to you, her name is Farah, she is a moeslem. My friend, Daria, helped me to create a modern hijab (because I don't know how to create it~)

Here's the result :

We pick a yellow and orange one because we think that colors refers to "fresh" and something colorful~ As for the eyeshadow, I pick a green and orange one (yaa it's not showing enough on the photos, but I really loves natural make up,so I don't think about it to much :p)

Product are used:
❀Maybelline Clear Smooth
❀Maybelline Crayon Liner Eye Pencil Brown
❀Pixy Eyeshadow Alluring Garden
❀Wardah Lipstick Matte
❀LT Pro Blusher
❀Viva Eyebrow Pencil

That's all.. 
Thanks for Farah and Daria who helped me to joined this challenge~

Thanks for visiting..Please leave a comment if you don't mind~
감사합니다 :)

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