Running Man

Hello everyone!
I'm back to writing my blog again~~
Long time I didn't write my blog because of my schedule as a medical student (─‿‿─)
I want to talk about korean variety show,the title is Running Man..Do you know this perhaps?I bet you know la because it's so daebak!
First time I know this variety show is from my best friend,she introduced me about it and I like to watch it for the first time..Uwaaa I'm in love with Song Joong-Ki♥ He is a pretty boy and so charming~

My favourite's episode is 7th because there are my idols such as Jo Kwon (2 A.M) and Jung Yong Hwa (C.N. BLUE)
But I know it later that Song Joong-Ki decided to not joining this variety show again,it's so sad because he is a cute maknae besides Lee Gwang Soo
*deep sighs

Although I was late to watch this programme now,but I will finish to watch it soon~