Annyeong,chingu (〃゚∇゚〃)
I am going to share about ramyun,because I'm in love with it..haha..
Long time ago I didn't eat this ramyun,so I decided to eat it again because I totally forgot about the taste :p
The ramyun is...Nong Shim Ramyun

For making the ramyun,it's so easy,just like cook the other instant ramyun~
And after cooked,I realized that I'm in love with this ramyun,the taste was so great,yum❤

❤The soup is a bit chowder
❤The taste is a bit spicy
❤The noodles are chewy

✿The portions is big (If you're hungry enough,I think you satisfy to eat this one)


I had an exam today,it was very awful! Just I guess,the questions are completely insane~
I hope I can get a good result of it...
I went to mall after that and lunch at sushi restaurant with my friend. My plans were I want to buy a birthday gift for my mom,I was late,because of study,I couldn't buy it.
At sushi restaurant,I ordered:

♥Mixed Udon

♥Sushi (I forgot the name of this food =.=)

My stomatch were so full~ After that I took a walk to do a window shopping :)
I got my stuffs,there are:

♥Korean Pink Hair Acc

♥Gradation Long Cardigan

♥ My mom's birthday gift

Yeah..I'm glad that I could buy all of them~
It's my story today (•̪┌┐•̪)♡̨̐

Ied Holiday

I got my ied holiday for a week..yay! I'm so happy because I had some busy schedule about my study..
At first I wanted to spend my time to study for my exam on Sept 18th..


My aunt asked my parents and I to went with her to Puncak. At first I wont to go but my scary father insisted me to go so I didn't have a choice. As usual,every ied holiday per year,Jakarta always super duper not crowded. But recreation areas are so crowded certainly. I knew it would crowded for sure so I didn't want to spend my time for nothing,that's why I made a small note about my lessons,so I could study on the car.

Yeah..We went to Puncak on last Wednesday and back to Jakarta on yesterday midnight. Surely I hated the traffic jam..If I have wings,I want to flew back to my lovely home XD.

About the photos,there's a bit of them but I'm lazy to upload them so next time I will do it perhaps :p

How about your holidays?
Tell me! :)