I had an exam today,it was very awful! Just I guess,the questions are completely insane~
I hope I can get a good result of it...
I went to mall after that and lunch at sushi restaurant with my friend. My plans were I want to buy a birthday gift for my mom,I was late,because of study,I couldn't buy it.
At sushi restaurant,I ordered:

♥Mixed Udon

♥Sushi (I forgot the name of this food =.=)

My stomatch were so full~ After that I took a walk to do a window shopping :)
I got my stuffs,there are:

♥Korean Pink Hair Acc

♥Gradation Long Cardigan

♥ My mom's birthday gift

Yeah..I'm glad that I could buy all of them~
It's my story today (•̪┌┐•̪)♡̨̐

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