☆REVIEW☆ Holika Holika Heartful Glossy Lipstick

Welcome December!
Hope it's gonna be a nice month for me and you^^
Today I'll review about my new lipstick from Holika Holika
This is the first thing that I bought from Holika Holika~

I still want a nude color for my lipstick lately, I don't know the reason, but still nude color is so natural for me^^

From the first sight, I felt in love with this color~ also the shape is so cute, it's a heart shape.. Just for an information that heart shape rarely to use for lipstick's shape, just a round or an oval shape.

There are six color on this lipstick:


No.01: Honey Beige
No.02: Humming Pink
No.03: Blushing Peach
No.04: Pink Bonbon
No.05: Forever Choral

No.06: Coco Red
Mine is 01 Honey Beige~

Now, let's move to my opinion^^

Packaging : It comes with silver and purple font (simply) also a heart shape lipstick, so unique~

Texture : Smooth~ matte finish on my lips

Color : So natural on my lips, looks like didn't use lipstick on my lips^^

Ratings : ❀❀❀❀ (4/5)

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Sakuranko's Giveaway Maras 32 Color Cream Eyeshadow Pallete

Today I joined again Sakuranko's giveaway~ There is color cream eyeshadow pallete^^
Whoaaa I really want this because I never had eyeshadow pallete :)
Wish me luck...

Sakuranko : Giveaway 2 KPOP Bracelet 2NE1 + JYJ

I just joined Sakuranko's giveaway, there are two KPOP bracelets, such as 2NE1 and JYJ~
If you are fans of them, you should joined^^
Good luck for you and me :)

Emily's 150+ Followers Giveaway

Today I just joined giveaway from my friend, Emily Marsia~
The giveaway is Etude House Pink Play Party Mask Set^^


Today I'll review about NYX~

Did you know?I got this lipstick for FREE~ because I can answer a mini quiz when I attended Beauty Carnaval : NYX and The Mortal Instruments at Mall Taman Anggrek. NYX had announced their new products, inspired by City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments.

I'm so happy that I got a lipstick, although they had nice giveaway if you answered it correct on other questions,but sadly I can't *pats

Okay, now let's talk about the topic~

NYX Round Lipstick is smooth and moisture with every application! With 144 shades available, NYX round lipstick is is a velvet-textured lip cream that covers the lips with rich color that smoothes and moistures lips with each application. NYX Round Lipstick is NYX's best selling lipstick and one ifs topsellers.

I got mine LSS 631 GEM~

I have made a comparison between Lioele and this NYX. As you can see the picture on the right, the color of NYX so much bright, a glittery-look and more dynamic than Lioele's lipstick.

My opinion:
Packaging : It comes with simply black, nothing so much special
Texture : Good~
Color : It really vivid, showing the true color

How much the price?
I got it for FREE so I didn't know exactly, perhaps around IDR 50-60.000 I think...

Ratings : ❀❀❀❀ (4/5)

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FOTD : Halloween~

Today I'll post about my makeup on Halloween~
It's too late, I'm sorry :(

I made two version, first, with a blonde hair~
Looks scary enough, wasn't it? haha..
Actually I want to made a Jane Volturi's Makeup but I failed T.T

So, I tried again with short-dark brown hair~
Did I close enough to a vampire girl?
It's my creation for a vampire girl, looks mysterious with black outfit^^

Okay..So can you tell me, which one that suits me best?
Blonde hair or dark brown hair?

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