I have  a makeup collaboration with the other beauty bloggers.
Our project is SNSD "I Got a Boy" Makeup Collaboration^^

Here's our pictures :

I have to re-create makeup of Sunny~

I make tutorial of makeup too, you can also try it at home^^

Not difficult right?
Here's my result....

I don't have a purple wig or hair chalk to color my hair, so I choose to edit the color, change my reddish brown hair to a purple one^^

Don't forget to check the other beauty blogger too~

☆Sooyoung : Imelda Magdalena 

☆Yuri : Jessica Ie

☆Jessica : Lia Jung

☆Seohyun : Cut Auzola Azalia

☆Tiffany : Jennyfer Michiyo 

☆Yoona : Nova Fransisca

☆Taeyeon : Shelviana Handoko

☆Hyoyeon : Novi

They are so gorgeous^^ 
Love their makeup :)

Anyway, what do you think about my makeup?
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Today I'll tell you about my eye-makeup tutorial Blue in Yellow~

Is not difficult right? It's really simple~
And here's the results:

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☆REVIEW☆ Tony Moly Berry Girl Concelaer

Happy Valentine to all of you~☆
Today I'll review about my first concealear from Tony Moly^^

I'm interested to buy because of the price,hehe.. I got it for IDR 79.000 at the counter, really affordable price for a concelaer. 

Why I need a concelaer? At first, I thought I didn't need it because I never had dark-circles problem, but lately (yeah!) I'm lack of sleep because of my tight schedule as co-assistant, it made me to wake up early in the morning and I'm still sleepy also I just sleep for 6 hours everyday *bleh
That's why I need a holy grail is so called a concealer :|

The product has 3 types :
#01. Ivory
#02. Porcelain
#03. Sand

Mine is #02 Porcelain, because at that time the colors are just 2 types, Ivory and Porcelain. I asked their BA and she suggest #02. Porcelain for me^^

As you can see on the left picture, it comes with a lipgloss-like container and has a doe foot aplicator.

Now, let's share my opinion :
Package : Just ordinary packaging, so simple
Texture : Smooth absolutely
Coverage : Not very bad, it coverage my dark-circle eventhough it's not maximal
Price : Affordable
Power : Staying for 4-5 hours

The conclusion are it works for me, although I am not try another concealer yet. Next time I will buy from another brand to compare it :)

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iBUYBEAUTI is looking for beauty bloggers

Today I bring a good news for you, iBUYBEAUTI is looking for 10 beauty bloggers for review their products. Sounds amazing right?it's a great chance for us who can review about Korean's makeup. You can check the information on Marxie's blog~♡

For join this program,, all you have to do is send the following information to beautifanblog@gmail.com
On that email contains are your:
》Blog Address:
》Skin Type:
》Best Beauty Review link:
》Brief Self Introduction:

The 10 beauty bloggers are lucky will be announced on February 20th 2014, the limits of submit the application until February 18th 2014.

So, let's join! Don't waste your time, who knows you will be the one of 10 beauty bloggers that chosen :)

You can also check iBUYBEAUTI website 》》www.ibuybeauti.com 《《 to looking for the products that you want to review if you had chosen^^

☆REVIEW☆POND'S Flawless White Whitening Expert BB Cream SPF 30 PA++ Light

Today I'm back to review about my new BB cream from PONDS~

I bought a travel size one, because of the very small packaging, it's easy to put it on your pouch. There is one shade :: Light. 

On the description from the box:

Helps provide effortless natural bare-faced look!
The first  all-in-one** advanced whitening BB cream from Pond's that works from outside and inside*! It gives you natural coverage that is specially designed to match your ski  tone instantly. It has whitening actives known to penetrate deep to lighten skin and spots from within*.

☆Instant natural coverage
☆Non-pores clogging
☆Light, non-oily texture
☆Lightens from within*
☆Reduces dark spots
☆Evens skin tone
☆Protects from UVA, UVB, and visible light
☆Specially designed for Asian skin

Use every morning after day cream.

*in the epidermis layer
**coverage and skin care

You can see the picture above, the colors has a brown-cream like

Swatch on my hand, you can see the differences, the left one is my bare skin, the right one is with this BB cream

For the conclusion, this BB cream is affordable, makes your skin brighten, nice coverage (for my skin).

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