☆REVIEW☆ Tony Moly Berry Girl Concelaer

Happy Valentine to all of you~☆
Today I'll review about my first concealear from Tony Moly^^

I'm interested to buy because of the price,hehe.. I got it for IDR 79.000 at the counter, really affordable price for a concelaer. 

Why I need a concelaer? At first, I thought I didn't need it because I never had dark-circles problem, but lately (yeah!) I'm lack of sleep because of my tight schedule as co-assistant, it made me to wake up early in the morning and I'm still sleepy also I just sleep for 6 hours everyday *bleh
That's why I need a holy grail is so called a concealer :|

The product has 3 types :
#01. Ivory
#02. Porcelain
#03. Sand

Mine is #02 Porcelain, because at that time the colors are just 2 types, Ivory and Porcelain. I asked their BA and she suggest #02. Porcelain for me^^

As you can see on the left picture, it comes with a lipgloss-like container and has a doe foot aplicator.

Now, let's share my opinion :
Package : Just ordinary packaging, so simple
Texture : Smooth absolutely
Coverage : Not very bad, it coverage my dark-circle eventhough it's not maximal
Price : Affordable
Power : Staying for 4-5 hours

The conclusion are it works for me, although I am not try another concealer yet. Next time I will buy from another brand to compare it :)

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