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Mentholatum : Lip On Lip Water Color " Carnation Pink" ☆REVIEW☆

Today I'll review about Lip On Lip Water Color " Carnation Pink"

The reason why I bought this product was because of my lack of lip balms. I really need a lip balm that can colors your lips immediately with easy steps. Lately, I have a schedule of night shift in hospital so I have to make up so fast in the morning with a quick mode :p

I didn't choose a lip stick because my lips are a bit dry lately. Hope that this one can really helps me :)

There are swatches on my hands, consists of :
  • Lovely Me:Ex Lip Tint in Pink
  • Maybelline "Treat Me Sweet" Fruity Jelly
  • Lip on Lip Natural color
As you can see, I compared those three things. This lip on lip is more creamy and don't have a glittery- look as usually lip gloss had. The colors is so natural, really match with your everyday look. The price is around IDR 30.000, so much affordable for young student.

Love :
♥Nice color
♥Nice smell
♥Easy to apply

Hate :
Not any

Rating : 5/5

March Haul

I'm back with my new post about March Haul

I'll review them as soon as possible..
See you~

FOTD : Be Natural!

This is my FOTD : Be Natural!

I'm not wearing circle lenses, just wanna try natural look :)
Hope you like it~
See you next time...

Vivelle Face Mask Collagen Vitamin C ☆REVIEW☆

It's time to relaxing your lovely face~ Let's doing a treatment
I'm back with the weekend post about Vivelle Face Mask Collagen Vitamin C

First time I used Vivelle's product.. It's Indonesian's local brand..You can get it on supermarket for around IDR 5.000 (so much affordable,right?)

Active Ingredients:
Phyto Collagen helps accelerate skin metabolism, eliminate fine wrinkles, improve skin moisture, restoring complexion and skin elasticity.

How To Use :
❄ Clean and dry face
❄ Unfold VIVELLE SPA SYSTEM mask and apply on the face. Wait for 20-30 minutes.
❄ Remove the mask and then lightly massage the face for 2-3 minutes.
❄ Rinse face with water.

Love :
♥ Affordable
♥ Makes my skin more lightly and smooth
♥ Nice smell

Hate :
☠ Not any

Rating : 4.5/5

ETUDE HOUSE : Black Charcoal Chin Pack ☆REVIEW☆

Annyeong! ≧◡≦
Today I'll review about ETUDE HOUSE : Black Charcoal Chin Pack

Normally we often see nose pack, but chin pack? Honestly,I hear it just now.. Never know this product before ๏̯͡๏ So, I decided to try it and made a review~

Formulated with black charcoal additives to remove oil nd pore deep sebum. Patch tightens pores and contains Aloe Vera to improve chin complexion.

Active Ingredient : Charcoal powder 0,1%

Directions :
☘ Wet chin with water.
☘ Remove clear film from pack and fasten adhesive side to chin for 10-15 minutes.
☘ Remove strip when dry.

Love :
♥ Easy to apply on your chin, same as using nose pack
♥ Affordable

Hate :
☠ Weird strong smell

Rating : 3 / 5