Annyeong,chingu (〃゚∇゚〃)
I am going to share about ramyun,because I'm in love with it..haha..
Long time ago I didn't eat this ramyun,so I decided to eat it again because I totally forgot about the taste :p
The ramyun is...Nong Shim Ramyun

For making the ramyun,it's so easy,just like cook the other instant ramyun~
And after cooked,I realized that I'm in love with this ramyun,the taste was so great,yum❤

❤The soup is a bit chowder
❤The taste is a bit spicy
❤The noodles are chewy

✿The portions is big (If you're hungry enough,I think you satisfy to eat this one)


I had an exam today,it was very awful! Just I guess,the questions are completely insane~
I hope I can get a good result of it...
I went to mall after that and lunch at sushi restaurant with my friend. My plans were I want to buy a birthday gift for my mom,I was late,because of study,I couldn't buy it.
At sushi restaurant,I ordered:

♥Mixed Udon

♥Sushi (I forgot the name of this food =.=)

My stomatch were so full~ After that I took a walk to do a window shopping :)
I got my stuffs,there are:

♥Korean Pink Hair Acc

♥Gradation Long Cardigan

♥ My mom's birthday gift

Yeah..I'm glad that I could buy all of them~
It's my story today (•̪┌┐•̪)♡̨̐

Ied Holiday

I got my ied holiday for a week..yay! I'm so happy because I had some busy schedule about my study..
At first I wanted to spend my time to study for my exam on Sept 18th..


My aunt asked my parents and I to went with her to Puncak. At first I wont to go but my scary father insisted me to go so I didn't have a choice. As usual,every ied holiday per year,Jakarta always super duper not crowded. But recreation areas are so crowded certainly. I knew it would crowded for sure so I didn't want to spend my time for nothing,that's why I made a small note about my lessons,so I could study on the car.

Yeah..We went to Puncak on last Wednesday and back to Jakarta on yesterday midnight. Surely I hated the traffic jam..If I have wings,I want to flew back to my lovely home XD.

About the photos,there's a bit of them but I'm lazy to upload them so next time I will do it perhaps :p

How about your holidays?
Tell me! :)

Medical oh Medical


Last monday I came back again to my university,there're so many schedules for this week..fyuuuh~ Although I'm busy but I still had a chance to watch my favourite K-dramas..haha :p
I want to talk about my study,I'm on 7th semester now,that means it's my final semester for my medical study (I hope I can pass any test in the further,amen^^)
And today I saw many new students around at my university,somehow I wonder why are they choose a medical faculty?I think it's not just because of their parents wants their children become a doctor but they must have a big intention to join the medical faculty. All this time I watched my friends aren't passed in the middle,I felt sad because they are so many increasingly and they have to move to another faculty at the end. They just wasting money and time..I felt sorry for them..

Perhaps all of you are wonder why I joined a medical..

My first reason is I want to be a five-star doctor who can help many people with my ability. Second, I want to make my parents proud of me.

About continue study to be a specialist,I still wonder what major I should choose. In my mind,I always think I should take a beauty specialist,because I interested with human skin and I want to treat it properly. But lately I interested with forensic and orolaryngology.
I hope I can choose them properly for my better future..Figthing!

Top 3 K-dramas

Annyeong! This is the first time I write my blog,suddenly I curious about having a blog just like my friends have it (that's silly,huh?). Based on my opinion,I want to talk about Top 3 K-dramas now. There are so many titles of it but I only choose 3 because I like it so badly,I can't wait to watch the next episode ,,>.<,,

So,here we go...


Myeongwol Spy

Scent of a Woman

They're so daebak!!!
Don't forget to watch them,chingu :)