Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream ☆Review☆

Today I'll review about Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

Mine is Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream's sample^^

I got the sample because I bought Lioele's products last March q(❂‿❂)p . I'm using it for my graduation day~♫ I'm so rushed at that time because I have to help my friends done with make up. So I forgot to take pictures that I'm using this BB Cream before and after (╥﹏╥).

Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream (I got it from the website)❄

❀UV Protection (SPF 30 pa ++) - Whitening, Wrinkle care, sebum catch, triple skin skin solution, young fresh look and great coverage.

Direction : After the final stage of skin care, apply a proper amounts of it, spread it evenly on your desired part or entire face, and have it absorbed with a feel of tapping.

Size : 50ml

Yoghurt powder and hyaluronic acid provide moisture and nutrients to the skin to keep it soft and moist.  Does not contain any stimulating organic UV block, but protects harmful UV rays at SPF30 and PA++ to prevent the formation blemishes such as liver spots or freckles.
Contains tangerine and strawberry extracts that brighten skin by lightening the color of blemishes.

♥Love the smells
♥Nice coverage
♥Makes your skin is fair

☠Hard to get because the store isn't available in a few city,so you have to order them at online shop
Rating: 5/5


  1. waahhh ! envy envy envy max !
    pengen banget beli ini tp ga kesampean T_T
    beli samplenya dimana ni?

  2. Haha..hayoo beli jul^^ beli di lioele mal ciputra,bulan maret gw ngeborong say :D

  3. aw..nia..aku dari dulu pengen coba ini..bnyk review yg ku baca blg bagus..we should buy the full package..ayo kpn ke jkt lagi...
    miss you dear..:)

  4. Iya say,,baguss productnya^^
    Yes,of course laa..qta bakal shopping bareng!
    Miss you too,sista :)