Body Shop : White Musk Anti-Persperant Deodorant 50 ml ☆Review☆

Annyeong! ٩(^‿^)۶
Today I'll review about a product from Body Shop,it's White Musk Anti-Persperant Deodorant.

I'm interested with this product when I came to my friend's home. She has many product from Body Shop. I asked her which one the best product that has a soft fragrances,she chose White Musk product. She introduced me with it and also accompanied me to buy it. I bought it about IDR 109.000 :)
I have wearing this product since two years ago and you know what?this product is so long lasting,I mean I often to use it but run out about a few months :)

Direction : Roll it under your arms after take a bath,you can use it as often as you want^^

♥ Fresh
♥ Smells good
♥ Quick-drying

 ☠ Not any

Rating: 5/5

Revlon Lip Butters : 080 Strawberry Shortcake ☆Review☆

About a month ago,I went to the mall with my mom for bought some cosmetic stuffs. My eyes couldn't stop looking this product,there is Revlon Lip Butters.

There are so many colors of it,I'm interested with no 080 Strawberry Shortcake because the colors is so natural for me :)

It has a creamy texture,so it makes easy to apply on your lips ٩(^‿^)۶ But,the other one is if you press a little hard when you apply on your lips,perhaps there are some lines on it. You have to apply it again about one or two hours later because the colors has disappeared after a long time.

♥ It easy to apply and also has moisturizing formula
♥ Affordable :)
♥ There are so many colors of it,about 20 colors
♥ Sweet packaging

☠ You have to apply again about one or two hours later
☠ Somehow I feel my lips is a bit dry {•̃̾_•̃̾}

Rating : 3.5/5

Korean Bunny Hairband ≧◡≦

Annyeong! (─‿‿─)
Do you know Korean Bunny Hairband?if you watched many K-dramas,you could easily find it~ I felt in love with this hairband since last year,after watched K.will's "My Heart Is Beating" MV~ I saw IU wore this hairband!

There are the examples,I found them on Google^^

Wow~ I like those hairband,I never saw them in this country. There is a wire on the ribbon,so you can form as you want^^ That's why I loved it~  Everytime I went to the mall,I looked for this hairband certainly. But,I never found it. I also asked my friends to helped me to find it,but she didn't find it too. Finally my dream come true this year,I found it at the mall (〃^∇^)ノ At first,I visited that store just for window shopping. with my friends. But,when I looked at accesories section,VOILA! I found it!!!! ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ  There are so many korean hairbands with diferent styles. About this one,there are 3 bunny hairbands left : Pink,Purple and Green. Actually I want to buy a blue one,just like IU wore it. But my friends suggested that I should buy a pink one because it has a soft color. I bought it immediately about IDR 40.000~

There is a price in Korean too~ 3.500 won^^

Finally I can get this hairband. This is my favourite hairband now (●´ω`●)
Do you like it?

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Two weeks ago I decided to reunion with my best friends at elementary school. They are Dewi and Lusiana. We met at Emporium Pluit Mall around 11 o'clock. I thought I would be late because of traffic jam and queque at busway station,but my prediction are wrong! I came early at 10.30 AM. I sent a messaging to Dewi so she would come immediately,because her home is near from the mall. Then,about a few minutes,she came so fast (⊙̃.o) and also I told Lusiana to came immediately because we have already gathered. At the same time we waited for Lusiana,we decided to walked around the mall. My intention to go that mall was I want to buy eyelid glue from KOJI at SOGO Dept.Store except the reunion (●⌒∇⌒●).  Actually I want to buy Dolly Wink's false eyelashes too but I still keep my mind to buy useful things~ I still had some false eyelashes at my home :p

 KOJI Eye Talk
(gonna make a review soon :p)

After that,Lusiana came at around 12 o'clock. We met her exactly when we were gonna out of the elevator *it's awesome (°∀°). We are hugged each other because we never met again for a long time. Next,we decided to had a lunch. I truly want to taste Korean foods because I rarely ate them. Finally,our choice was Seoul Garden Restaurant. They are sold many famous korean foods. We ordered Chicken Bimbimbap and Ice Green Tea for three of us^^

During the lunch,we talked so much abour our life,love,friendship,family,etc. I had a funny thing about my friend Lusiana ◤(¬‿¬)◥ Did you know?she always go to the bathroom along the conversation we had :p Next destination are window shopping~♫ Also we hang out at J.CO with three cups of yogurt. We took many photos at Lusiana's camera. Last but not least me and Dewi bought some breads at BreadTalk for our families at home. Okay,time goes to fast,I have to go home early because my parents didn't like that I went home at night ⎝⎲⎵⎲⎠. We hugged each other again and said "Goodbye..its a nice reunion" *puppy eyes
And I decided to make another gathered next month! Yeah~

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Etude House : Dream On Pact Slim and Cover SPF 25/PA++ in #3 True Beige ☆Review☆

Today I would like to tell you about my first product from ETUDE HOUSE ٩(^‿^)۶
First time,I confused which one that I should buy,I set my mind to buy something that useful..There are a compact powder and a lipstick for my mom. I asked the employee which one that best seller all of the products. She kindly explained them to me and finally I choose Dream On Pact Slim and Cover.

At that time in the store,#01 Light Beige isn't available,so there are only #02 Natural Beige and #03 True Beige. The employee suggested I should buy #03 True Beige because of it's natural on my skin. So I bought it directly with a lipstick for my mom (I'll post the review later^^)

The secret to dreamy bright complexion. Compact Powder makeup maintains sheer, oil absorbing texture for radiant coverage with UV protection. Contains hyaluronic acid and encapsulated oil control powcer to smooth,moisturize and nourish complexion.

Direction : Use puff to gather and apply pressed powder to cheeks,forehead,nose and chin. Gently pat to finish.

1. Use only as directed.
2. Avoid storing in high and low temperatures and areas exposed to direct sunlight.
3. Cease use if problems arise.

♥ It's easy to apply on your face,I love the result~♫
♥ Smooth texture
♥ Smells good
♥ Cute packaging (。◕‿◕。)

☠ Expensive (╥﹏╥)
☠ The shop isn't available in a several town in Indonesia,so if you want to get this product,you have to come to Jakarta (or other town that Etude House is available) or buy it on online shop (◕︵◕)

Rating : 5/5

Sakura Dreams Giveaway

I would like to buy this dress from Sakura Dreams , the item is LL Floral Accordion^^


This time I would like to tell you about a new movie,there is HUGO. I know it would be late if I'm posting it now because this movie has just appear not a long ago in Indonesia. This movie is about an adventure of teenager boy who named is Hugo Cabret. He is a watchmaker's son,he is very keen and absolutely cute boy~ His dad also work at the museum and found an automatic machine (looks like a steel doll) which is broken. He decided to fix it with Hugo. But something happened to his dad so Hugo have to live with his drunken uncle at train station. Hugo just bring an automatic machine with him and he swore that he could fixed it. His life as a watchmaker is begin and also becoming a thief to fulfilled his needs alone. Later,there are so much story that revealed along the movies goes on^^

My opinion:
At first,it would be boring because you have to think a bit and a word could be pass on your mind is "WHY?" *laugh .. But in the middle of story until the ending,this story was more interesting. There are many wise words about life,friendship,love and family~