This time I would like to tell you about a new movie,there is HUGO. I know it would be late if I'm posting it now because this movie has just appear not a long ago in Indonesia. This movie is about an adventure of teenager boy who named is Hugo Cabret. He is a watchmaker's son,he is very keen and absolutely cute boy~ His dad also work at the museum and found an automatic machine (looks like a steel doll) which is broken. He decided to fix it with Hugo. But something happened to his dad so Hugo have to live with his drunken uncle at train station. Hugo just bring an automatic machine with him and he swore that he could fixed it. His life as a watchmaker is begin and also becoming a thief to fulfilled his needs alone. Later,there are so much story that revealed along the movies goes on^^

My opinion:
At first,it would be boring because you have to think a bit and a word could be pass on your mind is "WHY?" *laugh .. But in the middle of story until the ending,this story was more interesting. There are many wise words about life,friendship,love and family~

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