☆REVIEW☆ INISFREE Super Jeju Volcanic Mask

Today I'll review about Super Jeju Volcanic Mask from Inisfree~
Let's begin....

Long time I want to try this one, becaause many bloggers said that it was really good (y)

So I deciced to bought it on sample..

Texture : When apply on your face area, it's just like you put a clay on your face (bwahaha...) but in a few minutes, it became more solid than before..

Smell : Not really good I think

The picture below you can see that I just put the mask on my nose and chin area.. because I only have big pores on that area..

Effect : After you used them, your face become more smoothier. On my face, you can see my nose still has black pores eventhough not too many.

Loves :
♥ Affordable
♥ Makes my face smoothier

Hates :
☠ The results isn't work for me >.<

Ratings : ❀❀❀ (3/5)

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  1. Oh so bad than this product doesn´t works thanks for your review!


    1. Yes, but it's quite make my face smoothier :)

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