☆REVIEW☆ Holika Holika UV Wonder Shield Daily Sun SPF 32 PA++

Today I'll review about my first sun screen from Holika Holika~
나는 Holika Holika에서 선 스크린에 대해 검토 할 것입니다 오늘 ~

It's my sun screen that I've been used everyday until now~ This sunscreen comes with a simple tube, it's hygieneic you know, I like a products if comes like this. I also love the smells, seems like floral and it's warm my feelings (haha).
같이 온다면 지금 ~ 선 스크린은 간단한 튜브 때까지 그것은 당신이 알고있는 위생, 내가 매일 사용했습니다 나의 화면, 내가 제품을 좋아한다. 나는 또한 냄새를 사랑 처럼 보인다따뜻한 내 감정 (ㅋㅋ)입니다.

Holika Holika UV Wonder Shield Daily Sun (SPF32/PA++)   
Manufacturer : 
Country of origin:
Republic of Korea  
 Ingredients : 
Hyaluronic acid, lotus flower complex    
Product Description : 
Mild finish with light and smooth spreading touch for sensitive skin.  
Brightens skin tone and remains resilient and healthy skin.  
Offers cooling and moisturized feeling for refreshing absorption without stickiness. 
How to use : 
Apply a moderate amount to the face, neck, arms and legs evenly.

My Opinion (나의 의견)

Packaging  (포장) 
It's really simple, I think it's quite boring
그것은 정말 간단합니다, 나는 그것을 아주 지루한 생각

Texture and Smell (질감냄새)
The texture is smooth and smells good! I love this product^^
질감이 부드러운 및 좋은 냄새! 이 제품을 사랑합니다 ^ ^

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  1. simply amazing. Enjoying reading your posts, keep in touch! xx Peach


    1. Thank you for read my post,Peach^^
      Yes, let's keep in touch :)