☆EVENT-REPORT☆ : Make Up Talkshow with Merry Gunawaty and The Balm Indonesia

Today I'll tell you about my activities today, there is a beauty class that I attended on June 7th~

First of all, I'm going to go to Grand Indonesia on 09.00 a.m and then meet my friend on 10.00 a.m, we go to Seibu Grand Indonesia together. We arrived at Beauty Lounge Seibu on 10.45 a.m, we redeem our invitation with a goodie bag, there are consist of mini mirror and hair comb, a bar of chocolate, some of beauty brochure and absolutely a voucher IDR 200.000 for The Balm's product^^ 
We go inside Beauty Lounge and take a seat. We chit chat a bit while waiting the beauty class is started. 

I forgot the time we started the beauty class, I thinks it's around 11.20 a.m. We started from cleaning our face with a cleansing milk or if you had a heavy makeup before, cleaning your face with Balms Away.

After that, we applied a primer makeup on our face. I thinks it's really a good product from The Balm, because the texture of the primer is so good, when you applied that, your skin become so smooth. (reccomended)

We applied a foundation on our face. I choose a liquid foundation because my face is normal-dry type. You use a cream foundation if you have a oily-combination type. 

After that. we used a concelaer to cover up our panda's eyes using a cream concelaer (I forgot to take a picture of it) and our acnes using a liquid concelaer.

Later, use a mineral compact powder, it has a microparticle that spread out smoothly when you applied it on your face. I love the mineral compact powder from The Balm (reccomended)

For eyes, we use Balm Voyage~

We filled out our eyebrows. Since my eyebrows has thick and looks full, I asked the BA to trimming my eyebrows. Then we applied eyeshadow (I really forgot which one, but I think B4/outer eyebrows and C3/inner eyebrows) for filling up the part of eyebrow which is missing.

Next, we applied an eyeliner using an eyeshadow, we used no C2 for upper eyeliner, B2 and A2 for bottom eyeliner (middle-edge).

Later, we applied a blush on, used an Apples-Candy- (reccomended)
We used Cider for entire lips and Cobbler for middle part of the lips

You can also apply lipgloss if you want ;)

 We used a Cindy-Lou Manizer for base eyeshadow and on our cheeks under the blush (tapping it a little)~

Last step are contouring face using Betty-Lou Manizer and 
highlighting using Mary-Lou Manizer (reccomended)

After doing my makeup done, I took many selcas with my friend and my new friends. I'm glad that I got new friends in there~ I hope we can go another beauty class together^^

I also took a selca with Merry Gunawaty~ She is so beautifull~ 

Later, we eating snacks that prepared by them and also drinks such as mineral water and tea. Me and my friend discussed too about what should we choose to redeem the product with the voucher? After took many long times, I decided to redeem my voucher with Mary-Lou Manizer~ *yuhuuuuuuu!!! It's my wishlist product^^
My friend redeem it with Time Balm and Apples~ *drooling

I'm so happy that I can attended beauty class like this~
Thank you Merry Gunawaty and The Balm Indonesia^^

Thanks for visiting~

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