☆☆Christmas Swap with Dewi from weigoddess blog☆☆

Firstly I want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you~
I'm sorry that I didn't write a blogpost lately because of my schedule^^;

Today I would like to telling you guys that I had a christmas swap with Dewi. She's one of my best friend since primary school and also our home was near back then. Thank you so much for the present and always success in your life as proffesional MUA ya^^ God Bless You :)

Okay, now back to the topic, here's what Dewi gave:

The present are contains of : one piece of korean lace dress (I'm so deeply in love, the dress is so cuteee) and Eyeshadow Pallete "Nude"tude from The Balm (I always want to have an eyeshadow pallete back then, thank you so much,Wi^^)

And also the present was contain of a cute card for Christmas:

Thank you so much for the wishes and the present^^
I'm gonna review it soon~

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