Shiseido Tahiti Pink P16 Lipstick ☆REVIEW☆

Annyeong! ≧◡≦
I found my old lipstick when I was arranged my stuffs back then..
I will review about my first product from Shiseido, there is Tahiti Pink P16 Lipstick~♥

I think it's kinda old fashion, because this lipstick has a new version right now ●_●
The colors comes with a perfect one with matte finish. Makes my lips become brighter and powerful look (tee-hee) (゚ヮ゚)
Then, I realized that I always review about pink lipstick, because of I never try to buy another color. I want to buy another color for lipstick as soon as possible.

This is a result applying on my lips:

Love :
♥ Stunning color
♥ Matte finish

Hate :
☠ Not any

Rating : ❀❀❀❀❀ (5/5)

1 comment:

  1. What is the new version? I love this lipstick and I want to buy it again but I figured it out the name of this shade is not the same. Do you know which is the equivalent shade? Thank you so much! :*