I won Miharu Beauty Wonderland Giveaways♥♥♥

Today I feel so happy because my package has arrived from Miharu Julie :)
I won her giveaway "Miharu Beauty Wonderland Giveaways "
I felt so suprised because I never expect to won^^ But, thanks God that I could win on this giveaway~
Praise The Lord o:)

The packaging has arrived with a white plastic bag, I opened it, and then a cute pink teddy bear box was inside^^ so cuteeeee (─‿‿─)
and many things are insidee... a lots of cute things actually^^

See? there's a lot of things inside (─‿‿─)

Here's the full pic of my package :

 Let's look closer :

For the conclusion, I'm so happy to won a giveaway~
Hopefully if I'm joined again, I can win again^^
How about you,girls?Have you ever win a giveaway?
Tell me your story :)

Thanks for visiting my blog~
Please leave a comment if you don't mind^^
 감사합니다 :)

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