Tony Moly Lip Tint #1 Cherry Pink ☆REVIEW☆

Today the theme is red, so I choose to review about Tony Moly Lip Tint #1 Cherry Pink ☆Review☆

So cute right?lip tint with mini packaging

This is the first time I bought Tony Moly's product. My best friends said that Tony Moly was a nice product she ever tried. She had already tried the lip gloss, bought directly from Korea. So,she suggested this product to me.

As a lip tint, I think the colors is perfectly match on my lips. Compare to TFS Lovely ME:EX Lip Tint "Red" (I had it once but it's run out right now ) has a same point I think.

I always combine this lip tint with lip concelaer (。◕‿◕。)

♥ Cute packaging
♥ Affordable
♥ Perfectly stunning on my lips

☠ Not any

Rating : 5/5

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