Chocoberry Pancake♕

I'm back with a lots of review that I had to do it^^
Let's talk about cooking..
Can you cook a food?
My answer is "Yes" but not many food that I can cook..
I have a limit for my cooking skills,such as:
✌ Instant Noodles esp. Ramyun
✌ Spagetthi Bolonaigse
✌ Chocoberry Pancakes

That's all I can cook..I'm not talented at cooking skills ಸ_ಸ
But I'm proud at myself because now I learn how to cook many foods from my best friend..
And you know what?
The boy that I like said that my pancakes was delicious ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ
I'm super happy you know..hehehehe..
I'm posting about my homemade pancakes's photos^^

Are they delicious?
I think so :)))
Let's eat!!!!

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